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Dental Expert Las Galletas is a new dental clinic conveniently located in downtown Las Galletas. Our clinic deals with all dental specialties and all our staff is highly trained and constantly involved in continuous education to remain updated with all the new techniques and treatments.


We are a Canarian Dental Clinic offering qualified and professional dental services to solve all your mouth and dental issues. Our final goal is improving your smile, thus increasing your overall self-confidence and wellbeing.

In our safe and relaxing environment, with kind and serene doctors, hygienists and auxiliaries, you can discuss your dental problems and concerns freely and find the best possible solution.

We strongly believe that everyone should have access to a proper dental treatment, regardless of their social and economical situation. That is why we will always offer you one or more solutions specifically adapted to your personal needs.

Furthermore, language will never be a barrier because all members of our team are multilingual.

Did you know?

Las Galletas, an ancient fisherman village, is a charming location where you can enjoy restaurants, water sports facilities and, of course, our clinic.

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Dental Expert Las Galletas was founded by professional dentists after more than 30 years of providing personalised, high-tech, high-touch, quality cosmetic and family dentistry in various clinics all around Tenerife, Italy, and other European countries.
We take pride in the fact that our clientele reached out to us beyond the island of Tenerife and even from countries outside our borders. We are truly blessed and honoured to tend to so many people who are ready for a positive change.

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Dental Expert Las Galletas is the clinic of reference for anyone caring for their mouth and dental health. We deal with every dental specialty and we offer a personalised treatment plan and payment schedule to each of our clients.
We are a patient-centred clinic, hence, all our staff are eager and pleased to take all the time necessary to discuss your treatment plan and available options to completely fulfil your desires. We never work in a rush and all our patients are given plenty of time to review, understand and agree with the treatment we propose.

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Did you know?
Although all our staff has been active in the dental business for over two decades, our clinic has been open since the beginning of November 2021.
With such a new clinic, we made sure to acquire all the newer and safer technologies to ensure the best treatment for all of our clients.


Our commitment in providing patients with outstanding care is unrivalled and each member of our highly trained team is ready and eager to address every question you may have about any aspect of your mouth and dental health.

Our Beliefs

We know that patients are at the centre of any treatment and that every patient needs and deserves a personalised approach. Our mission is to provide our patients with the best treatment they can afford in the best possible environment.

"At Dental Expert Las Galletas, we pride ourselves in providing each patient with an extraordinary dental experience."

 - Dental Expert Las Galletas Founder and CEO

With our main objective being to service our beloved community, we intend to positively impact as many lives as possible through our talents, artistic ability and customer service.

We hope that with our help, as many patients as possible can reach the good dental health they deserve. In addition, with a satisfactory dental aesthetic you can finally rediscover the pleasure of smiling and thus regain your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

We understand that many people are anxious towards dental treatment, and we want our attention and care to be translated physically within the walls of our clinic. That's why we took the necessary time to create a soothing, safe and relaxing environment.

Moreover, we value your time and have implemented a scheduling system that will never keep you waiting.


Our Vision

As we focus on the present, we also envision a future where patients will have access to high quality, modern, affordable and accessible dental care.

Our clinic and all our staff hope to contribute to this vision by concentrating on each client individually with the purpose of improving and advancing the dental field one patient at a time.

With our attention to detail, professionalism, caring and relaxing environment, we look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.



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Rambla Dionisio González 4,
Las Galletas  38631, S.C. Tenerife, Spain

+34 922 733 863 / +34 609 21 85 91

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